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Together we delivered upto 750 iftar meals a day!
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Donate now to provide vital aid to communities most in need today; your gift can save lives.

Serving Humanity Globally

Your charity donations make a world of difference to the communities most in need. Together, we can change our world.

Global humanitarian reach

We work tirelessly in many countries around the world, with local partners to source aid in a cost-effective way to ensure 100% of your donations provide vital relief to people in need.





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Our mission is to tackle poverty and global hunger

Established in 2014, our volunteer team, with over 25 years of experience, ensures 100% of donations directly support humanitarian projects and partnerships with local NGOs to empower disadvantaged communities.

GHRF is steered by unpaid trustees, guaranteeing total transparency and the dedication of all Zakat funds to project execution in specified regions with no administrative costs.

GHRF is committed to building community resilience and capacity, equipping people with training, skills, and resources to foster self-reliance and a brighter future.

Volunteer with us

Becoming a volunteer means you get to help us organise events, fundraise, and take part on the front lines of delivering charity to communities in need.

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Our Partners

Working hand in hand with partner organisations in the UK and across the world, we have a greater impact on the lives of our beneficiaries. Here are some of our humanitarian partners.